Video Conference Mediation

Video Conference Mediation

Do you have a case in which traveling to an in-person conference is inconvenient or impractical? Will the travel logistics for counsel and the parties cause unnecessary delay in the scheduling of the Mediation? Or the expense of attending the conference in person might diminish the chances of settlement? Perhaps you already have attended one in-person mediation and you would like to re-convene but without the time and expense and having everyone travel to the same location.

Daisley Mediation is now pleased to offer Video Conference Mediation. The concept is as straightforward as it sounds. All participants attend the Mediation conference, but by video rather than in-person. No travel is necessary.


How Does Video Conference Mediation Work?

Instead of everyone convening in the same physical location, the participants join an online meeting. All that is required is a high-speed internet connection and a video camera such as that built into most laptops, cell phones and iPads and tablets. The Mediator provides everyone with a link to join the conference.

Parties and counsel may appear from as many separate locations as they desire.

We establish separate connections so that we can separately hold joint sessions and private caucus sessions. For the caucus sessions, the Mediator “walks” from one video meeting room to the other by joining and then leaving each side’s private caucus video meeting room. Counsel and the parties may confer privately when the Mediator leaves the caucus room.  All participants have the ability to return to the main meeting room at anytime, but only parties assigned to the caucus rooms by the Mediator may join the caucus.  We set up the rooms to mimic the rooms at our office: typically, a plaintiff caucus room, a defendant caucus room and an additional invitation-only room for “kitchen” chats with the lawyers.

We use the Zoom online meeting service for our video mediations.  The technology is similar to Skype and Facetime, but with additional features such as the ability for us to assign parties to private caucus rooms as described above.  Before the Mediation, we will email you the detailed, step-by-step instructions for joining the video conference.  We also will set up a test session in advance of the conference so that you and your clients will be comfortable with the technology.

As we all know from Skyping or Facetiming with family members, video conferencing is not the same as meeting in person. Nevertheless, video conference mediation can and does make sense for many cases, especially in cases that already have been mediated in-person before.   Video mediation is also particularly useful in cases where mediation needs to take place on short notice and it is impractical to get all necessary participants physically together in a timely manner.

Scheduling A Video Conference Mediation

To schedule a Video Conference Mediation, please visit the Calendar page and submit an online date request.  In the “preferred location” section of the form, please let us know that you would like to have a video conference.  Alternatively, you may email Chantal for more information and to reserve your Video Conference Mediation date.